Celebrating 125 Years of Providing Care to Miami and Surrounding Areas

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Westaway Pharmacy was founded in Miami, Manitoba in 1898, by Mark Westaway.  Jack Westaway, his son took over after the death of his father in 1943.  In 1977 he passed on the legacy.  In 1977 the pharmacy was purchased by John Maddison, he owned and operated the pharmacy until 2020.   John sold the pharmacy to local citizens Cory and Virginia Rutter in August of 2020, who are the current owners of Westaway Pharmacy.

From 1898 to 2010 Westaway Pharmacy operated as a traditional small town “Drug Store”, with liquor, lotteries, sundries, vet supplies, and confectionery to compliment the dispensary and over the counter medications.

In 2010 the pharmacy became a dispensing only pharmacy, specializing in prescription and over the counter medicines, and relocated next door from its original birthplace.

Celebrating 125 Years of Business!

Virginia and Cory Rutter