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Where Our High-Quality

Standards Make the Difference

Our High-Quality Standards Start at Our Professional Guarantees

We check the expiry dates on All of our products every three months, to ensure you are getting a product which is providing you with its optimal medicinal value.

Our Expanding Free Delivery Service

Miami – Wednesdays and Fridays

Morden – Thursdays

Carman – Thursdays

Somerset – Wednesday and Fridays

We are Prepared to Make the Difference

Our Professional Intents and Objectives

To Provide Professional Dispensing Services

Patient Counseling

Product Education

Compliance Monitoring

Personalized Service

Working Hard to Keeping You Happy and Active

New Services Available at Westaway Pharmacy

Prescribing of Minor Ailments

Injections with Dr.’s Prescription

Tetanus, Pneumonia, Flu and HPV Injections Without a Doctors’ Prescriptions.


Services Included to Provide Extra Care to Our Customers

Contacting Doctors for Refill Requests

Delivery to Shut-ins

Compliance Packaging

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Same Day Service Whenever Possible

Government Covered Injections

Medical Expense Reports for Income Tax

Other Services Available

Medication Reviews (by appointment only)