Terms and Conditions

Using our website will allow you to order your valid refills online. In the event of technical difficulties, Westaway Pharmacy will not accept any responsibility for incomplete transactions. Westaway Pharmacy respects your privacy to health information and as such, will not disclose this information without your permission.

Please note that our online ordering system is only as secure as the internet, so please use the prescription number whenever possible to order your refills. This will help to protect your personal health information in the event of a breach. By using the drug names, you are agreeing to the risks involved with using the internet to transmit personal health information.

By entering a refill number or your birth date, you have consented to Westaway Pharmacy having access to your personal health information.

You will be providing us with the minimum amount of personal information necessary to complete your refill.

By providing Westaway Pharmacy with your phone number, this will allow us to contact you with any questions we may have regarding your refill.

To avoid delays when picking up your prescription, please contact us regarding any changes to you or your spouse’s medical insurance plan. By providing us with your medical insurance plan number, you have given Westaway Pharmacy permission to send your personal health information to your health plan insurer.


Your prescription refills will be ready for pick up after 1 pm on the next business day. Please contact us by telephone if you require your prescription refill sooner.

Thank you,


Westaway Pharmacy and Staff