How To Read Prescription Labels

Here is all the information available to you on every Prescription Label from Westaway Pharmacy

IDA Label_pn

Perscription Number

Each prescription of your medication comes with a unique Prescription Number. You can use this number when ordering refills
This is the area that shows the name of the medication.

IDA Label_nom

Name of Medication

IDA Label_rq

Refill Quantity

This area shows the amount of refills remaining on your prescription.
Here is where you find the Patient’s Name.

IDA Label_pname

Patient’s Name

IDA Label_q

Quantity of Current Fill

This is the amount of medication in the current fill.
This area shows the directions for the medication (what time to take, how often)

IDA Label_d

Directions for Taking Medication

IDA Label_doc

Prescribing Doctor

This area will show the prescribing Doctor’s name.
This area shows the Patient’s cost (CoPay)

IDA Label_pc

Patient Cost